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Mobile applications development

Does your business need to get into your customer's smartphone? Contact us to get you professionally designed mobile applications.

Business consulting

From strategy to operations. From business to IT. From a small project to large programs. We are ready to create and implement business strategies and process changes using today's technologies, real-time data analysis, sensors and data streams.

Industrial computer vision

Boost your process effectiveness in your industry. Give computer vision and advanced intelligence to your production line. Industry automation gets more accessible and simple human tasks can be easily automated like never before.

Mobile Sensors and connectivity

How can mobile devices help your business? Let's meet to find a way how smart devices can change you do your business. Smart devices with many communication devices are equipped with increasing number of sensors can become your new workforce.

The ideas2markets know how

Joining and partnering ideas2markets bring you to the know how and experiences from B2B and SaaS. Having developed several mobile and cloud based business applications, we have gathered knowledge for business architecture development, consulting, application development. Let us meet to find a way how to put your ideas 2 markets!

Flexible & scalable solutions

Get scalability and flexibility with no limits thanks to leveraging of virtualization and software-defined-anything technologies. We develop with business and technology scalability in mind!

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